Strategic Public Relations; Sydney-based


Strategy Development & Communications Planning

Ethical Strategies is highly regarded for its strategic capability – specifically its ability to align business goals with communications objectives and define strategic drivers and key messages that create a framework for creative development and program execution.





Media Relations

Ethical Strategies maintains high level, trusted media relations. Unlike other agencies which see journalists as simple targets for media release distribution, Ethical Strategies seeks to enhance the flow of relevant and newsworthy information with the media by providing both ‘on the record’ and ‘background’ information.


Media Training & Messaging

Ethical Strategies combines media training sessions with strategic advice on brand and corporate messages to ensure every media interview remains ‘on-message’. Media training equips spokespeople with the tools to manage and respond to all manner of media interview, as well as clarify key messages that support corporate or brand communications objectives.


Issues and Crisis Management

Ethical Strategies’ key personnel have experience managing issues and crisis situations relating to product recalls, class actions, security breaches, ACCC action and facility closures. While expert at minimising issues and deflecting media attention, in the instance of full-blown media scrutiny Ethical Strategies adopts a ‘get it out and get it over’ attitude to crisis management.


Government Relations

Ethical Strategies retains the services of respected political lobbyists who provide on-the-ground government relations services in Canberra. These advisors work seamlessly with the Sydney-based Ethical Strategies team to engage politicians, advisers and bureaucrats.


Internal Communication

Ethical Strategies is highly experienced advising on internal messages and communications channels, as well as developing internal communications materials, ranging from newsletters, intranet copy, DVDs and CD-ROMs to staff presentations and internal launches.


Editorial and Specialist Writing

Ethical Strategies provides high level editorial and specialist writing services, ranging from speeches and collateral copy to technical publications.


Advocacy Development

Ethical Strategies is well versed in the design and deployment of strategies designed to elicit and bolster the support of key opinion leaders and advocacy groups.


Communications Audit and Evaluation

Ethical Strategies is expert in designing and conducting detailed stakeholder audits and advising on areas of improvement in communication. The ability to glean the attitudes of journalists and editors, government representatives and political advisers or peak associations provides key insights to both brand and corporate communication strategies.

Ethical Strategies is a full-service public relations agency based in Sydney that boasts unparallelled experienced across the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Call us today to find out how we can help your business.