Case Studies

  • Pedal power to beat 120,000 undiagnosed heart flutters

    To cut through the large number of charity fundraisers to promote the annual Paceline cycling event and raise awareness of heart arrhythmias – conditions which are largely perceived as quite ‘niche’ and predominantly the domain of the elderly.

  • Raising awareness of diabetic kidney disease

    To highlight that type 2 diabetes and kidney disease frequently co-exist and accelerate the progression of one another, and that early diagnosis can assist with delaying / preventing the progression of diabetic kidney disease.

  • Preventing stroke when the beat goes wrong

    Launch a new non PBS-listed therapy to prevent strokes in patients with a largely unknown heart condition – atrial fibrillation – in a manner which complies with the industry’s Code of Conduct and is not seen as ‘pressuring’ the Government for reimbursement.

  • Standing Tall – The Full Impact of Erection Problems on Men

    Harness the insights of men affected by erection problems to demonstrate the full impact of the problem and the importance of addressing these problems on an ongoing, rather than ad hoc, basis.

  • Putting a Face to the Image

    To raise awareness of the pressing need for indexation of the Medicare patient rebate for essential and life saving radiology services and the need to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses for chronically ill Australians.

  • Placing lung health on the agenda

    To recruit General Practitioners and the general public to participate in the Lung Census – the largest screening of lung function ever undertaken in Australia designed to gauge the state of the nation’s lung health with regard to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

  • Charity Letting Kids be Kids

    To help Amway of Australia raise awareness of its Freedom Wheels corporate social responsibility program – which modifies bicycles for children with disabilities – and encourage parents to let their children enjoy the simple childhood freedom of riding a bike.

  • Pioneering Surgeons put Patients back in Focus

    Communicate the range of vision enhancement procedures available to Australians to reduce their reliance on glasses and the ability of surgeons at the Vision Eye Institute to match specific procedures to the right patients based on their individual circumstances.

  • Savouring the Flavour of Excellence

    Announce the winners of the 2009 Savour Australia National Awards for Excellence, the annual awards of Restaurant & Catering Australia, without breaching the awards night embargo and maximising national, state and local coverage.

  • Tackling Issues Head-On: Side-Effects in Context

    Announcing the PBS listing of a treatment for Parkinson's disease while ensuring the therapy's unique - and highly newsworthy - side-effect profile did not become the focus of media attention.

  • Putting Fibre Back on the Agenda

    To help Goodman Fielder, the maker of Wonder White bread, reignite interest in dietary fibre and highlight its health benefits beyond that of simply ‘keeping you regular’.

  • No Headaches for New Migraine Prevention Therapy

    Strong advocacy and opinion leader comment on the need to alter the way migraine is treated was needed to ensure the successful launch of a migraine prevention therapy.

  • No Small Sales Strategy for Cataract Surgery

    Ophthalmic surgeons, while interested in the new sub-2mm cataract incision procedure, baulked at spending $100,000 on the required technology.

  • Launching a Landmark Medical Study

    To communicate, on behalf of a leading pharmaceutical company, the results of a landmark cardiovascular medical study in a credible and authoritative manner in accordance with the industry’s code of conduct.

  • New Brand for Blanco

    Develop a strong brand and market position for leading household appliance manufacturer, Blanco. After 30 years in the market, the Blanco brand had become ‘confused’ and lacked relevance to consumers and retailers.

  • Communicating a Clear Corporate Vision

    ASX-listed Vision Group sought to position itself as the leader in ophthalmic care and vision correction services and overcome market misconceptions about exposure to a downturn in discretionary spending.

  • Highlighting Unintended Social Consequences of the 'Alcopops Tax'

    The Federal Government increased the excise on Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcohol products (or ‘alcopops’) by 70 per cent in April 2008, having an immediate and adverse impact on sales of the category.