Insights & Opinions

  • Those Who Matter Most

    Ethical Strategies joined with PharmaDispatch to commission national research into the attitudes of Australians on prescription medications taken on a daily basis.

  • Whose Advocacy Agenda?

    Pharmaceutical news service, PharmaDispatch published an opinion piece by Ethical Strategies' Managing Director, John Morton, about the brave new world of health advocacy.

  • On the Record with ... Mark Metherell

    More familiar managing the questions of health reporters, Ethical Strategies took the opportunity to turn the tables on former Fairfax press gallery correspondent Mark Metherell. In this candid interview Mark provides an insider's view on the health and political agendas at play in Canberra.

  • Reporting Medicine in Australia: Media Research

    For the first time in Australia, quantitative research has examined the attitudes of leading healthcare journalists, news directors and editors towards pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in an effort to identify and quantify the issues that impact and influence their reporting.

  • The Role of the Media Release

    Not everything a company does, announces, wants to sell or wants to do, warrants a media release. The ever-increasing tide of releases on anything and everything that washes across journalists’ desks has done enormous damage to the reputation of PR practitioners.